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A magical journey of reconnecting with nature, your food & a brilliant community

Who We Support

Food Insecure Communities

1 in 4 children will go to bed hungry in Arizona tonight. At the same time, we are the 3rd largest producer of fruits and veggies in the US. Alongside partners, with food we grow ourselves and through education, we work to END hunger through both giving, and teaching, how to “fish.”


We believe that kids with tools, education, inspiration and opportunities that provide them a lens to see themselves as capable, brilliant and intelligent completely changes the game. We are crafting experiences for foster, special needs and kids with genius level smarts.


Bringing families together outdoors to reconnect to themselves, each other, their food and nature is game changing. We’re crafting experiences for families to learn, eat and grow together.


Between breath work, meditation, grounding and gardening, we believe the land we’re developing offers a place of respite, inspiration and hope for a future of peace, connection and


Beginning with Farm to Table dinners and opportunities to connect more deeply with surrounding community that can provide resources, support and friendships, we believe people who have come to Arizona from hardship possess some of the most grit and grace there is. We want to support them in getting back on their feet, and finding supportive community any way we can.


One of the best ways for a variety of student groups to learn is to apply their learned knowledge in an experiential situation. We offer opportunities for students to come to the Eco Destination for research, experiments and to intern.

How We Support

Together, we can put the world back on her feet, starting with our families, our local community and the states in which we live.

We believe in joy, and bringing more joy, excitement and sign posts of possibility to everything we create for the community.

We are currently developing out our first one acre Eco Destination in Mesa, AZ where we host live and online events to teach people how to grow their own food, breathe, meditate and connect with themselves, each other and mama nature herself.

We’re connecting with, and implementing the genius advice from, the world’s best in biodynamic and permaculture focused growing/gardening/farming, experiential education, longevity & wellness and joy-focused event creation to ensure the experiences we share touch people’s souls, ignite their minds and free their hearts.

We are also focused on bringing together those in the community and around the world who have created their own destinations, communities, technologies and means of developing a sustainable world so we can further unify the change makers and support this movement in exponential growth.

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Our Mission & Vision

We support individuals and families in transitioning to a Brilliant Eco Lifestyle by showing them the possibilities through different modes of growing and preparing their own organic food in a supportive community.

We imagine a world where each person lives in paradise, connected to themselves, the planet and each other.

Meet Our Team 

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds & huge hearts

President, Girl Garden Society

Dawn Williamson

Grant Organizer & Writer Extraordinaire

Elizabeth Gibb

Founder & Executive Director

Terra Rose Ganem

Eco Destination Manager & Builder

Jiggy Sorrel

My career has been diverse and has lead me to a place where I can follow my passions for education and sustainability in the food world. I have cooked, planned, executed, grown, produced, bought, and sold food on many different levels in our food culture. I believe that the small ripples from nonprofits like Brilliant Planet will create the solutions to many of the overreaching problems we are facing.
Brilliant Designer & VP of Girl Garden Society

Sarah King

Resident Alchemical Botanist

Dr. Aude Monson