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A magical journey of reconnecting with nature, your food & a brilliant community

Who We Support

Food Insecure Communities

1 in 4 children will go to bed hungry in Arizona tonight. At the same time, we are the 3rd largest producer of fruits and veggies in the US. Alongside partners, with food we grow ourselves and through education, we work to END hunger through both giving, and teaching, how to “fish.”


We believe that kids with tools, education, inspiration and opportunities that provide them a lens to see themselves as capable, brilliant and intelligent completely changes the game. We are crafting experiences for foster, special needs and kids with genius level smarts.


Bringing families together outdoors to reconnect to themselves, each other, their food and nature is game changing. We’re crafting experiences for families to learn, eat and grow together.

How We Support

Together, we can put the world back on her feet, starting with our families, our local community and the states in which we live.

We believe in joy, and bringing more joy, excitement and sign posts of possibility to everything we create for the community.

We are currently developing out our first one acre Eco Destination in Mesa, AZ where we host live and online events to teach people how to grow their own food, breathe, meditate and connect with themselves, each other and mama nature herself.

We’re connecting with, and implementing the genius advice from, the world’s best in biodynamic and permaculture focused growing/gardening/farming, experiential education, longevity & wellness and joy-focused event creation to ensure the experiences we share touch people’s souls, ignite their minds and free their hearts.

We are also focused on bringing together those in the community and around the world who have created their own destinations, communities, technologies and means of developing a sustainable world so we can further unify the change makers and support this movement in exponential growth.

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Our Mission & Vision

We support individuals and families in transitioning to a Brilliant Eco Lifestyle by showing them the possibilities through different modes of growing and preparing their own organic food in a supportive community.

We imagine a world where each person lives in paradise, connected to themselves, the planet and each other.

Meet Our Team 

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds & huge hearts

Founder & Executive Director

Terra Rose Ganem

Terra founded Brilliant Planet from a deep passion to support kids and families to reconnect to themselves, each other and nature through the art and soul of permaculture, organic gardening and being on the land.

National speaker, bio-energetic practitioner and quantum brilliance lifestyle visionary, Terra Rose Ganem utilizes high frequency energy, activated nutrition and earth reconnection to support clients worldwide in activating and living their true potential.

Through her private practice, immersion retreats, nonprofit community events and speaking engagements, she connects the relationships between our internal and external environments to elevate and optimize living through consciousness and embodiment of inner power – resulting in living the best life ever!

Terra shares applicable tools that merge ancient wisdom and modern technology, which allow people to quickly, with ease and grace, break through the old and create the future they want. She is known as the “one you must go see,” by many of her clients.

She also leads a nonprofit organization called Brilliant Planet, dedicated to seeding and sowing biodynamic eco destinations that share the magic of growing organic food and the power of connecting to community.

Dazzling Graphic Designer & President, Girl Garden Society

Dawn Williamson

At the crossroads of humble heart-of-gold, bright & brilliant creator and supportive leader, your will find Dawn overdelivering on design deadlines, inspiring the members of the Girl Garden Society and bringing so tidal waves of grounded, positive energy to our team...

Dear Friend,
I grew up in the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado where harsh weather and wild animals made gardening extremely difficult. Our “garden” was a small lawn, a few pine trees and whatever mother nature decided to grace us with. After high school I worked at the local florist which was also a nursery and landscape company. It was there that my love for plants began. Over the years, moving from Colorado to Texas and then to Arizona, I tried many times to grow an edible garden outside. I had some luck with house plants but growing outdoors never yielded much. It was a lot of effort and I always gave up.

My daughter was diagnosed with a medical condition when she was 5 which required us to drastically alter our diet. I started researching nutrition and discovered the powerful healing power of plants. We adopted a plant-based lifestyle and started successfully growing our own produce aeroponically, all year long, with Tower Gardens. This opened up a whole new world for us. Home-grown produce tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the store, its more nutrient-dense, it’s clean - without pesticides and chemicals, and gosh darn it, when you grow it yourself you eat it! It’s made cooking (and eating) so much more enjoyable and we’re healthier too!

My passion now is sharing what I’ve learned with others and inspiring healthy living, healthy growing, and sharing the power of food to heal - mind, body and soul.

As President of the Girl Garden Society, I am looking forward to the growth of our incredible community, making new friends, creating a culture of pure joy around all things nature - that we can pass along to our kids and they can pass along to their kids - changing the health picture of generations to come - making a real and lasting difference.

My wish for you is that your time with us surrounds you with joy and positive energy, laughter, happiness and smiles. I hope that you will take with you education, friendship, hope and healing.

I am so grateful to have you here with us!

Brilliant Shop Designer & VP of Girl Garden Society

Sarah King

The perfect mixture of sunshine, get-it-done and dedication is where Sarah appears, lights up the sky, and our team, and brings stunning designs to our online shop while elevating every person she meets at our events with joy and a "you-can-grow-to" attitude...

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am so excited to get to know you!
I was raised in the beautiful mountains of Montana but have become a converted Phoenician after marrying my husband, Jeff, in 2006. While I do miss seasons like a true autumn, I really enjoy 70-degree winters and not having to shovel my driveway to get anywhere. As a mom, I really love that I can be outside with my kids more often than not year-round.

My husband and I have two beautiful children, a 9 year old girl and 3 year old boy, both of which came to this life with some special needs and gifts. My mama-bear mode has led me on this incredible journey to learn how their brains and bodies function and to be able to best speak their language to support them in living their best lives.. The Gift of them afforded me a lot of self-reflection and growth.

A couple years back, I reached a breaking point with my own anxiety, feeling like I was doing everything I possibly could to help my children, but it didn’t seem to be enough. It took quite the physical toll and I found myself trying to shut the world out, not wanting to go anywhere, and becoming overwhelmed by just everyday activities. I didn’t see it then, but even at such a low point in my life, I still had the inner strength to keep going and try new things. I invited different people into my “village” and slowly found solutions that would grow to be huge blessings in my family’s life.

One of those changes was getting my kids and myself outside in some capacity every day. Kids and adults need to be active and there is so much healing power when doing physical activities outside in the sun. The more time I spent outside, the more I noticed the beauty around me. I started to become more curious and notice the little things which helped bring me back to a present state of mind. I was able to recognize and pacify the anxiety.

I initially started coming to Wonderland and the Girl Garden Society as a way to connect with my daughter where we could get our hands dirty and feel the freedom and peace of being outdoors. I began to feel like I was part of something bigger than myself and loved the safe environment for us to be ourselves.

I love that I get to try new foods and learn how they better my body even if I’m not perfect in my eating. I like that I can come just by myself and be with other like-minded women once a week and still have the privilege to bring my family out for other opportunities.

I don’t think anyone would use the term “green thumb” to describe me just yet but that’s ok. This is a process I’ve grown to adore and I love getting to learn and try, try again.
Food, where it comes from, how it grows, nutrition, how are bodies work (and why) has always fascinated me. It truly excites me and getting to share that passion with Girl Garden Society members is magical.

As Vice President I can not wait to get to share and to continue to cultivate that magic of being outdoors, living our best lives, together. I truly believe in the power of connecting with nature, our families, friends, community, and most importantly ourselves. You are so important and the time we get to spend together will be magnificent.

To a year of connection and power with a life lived outdoors!

Grant Organizer & Writer Extraordinaire

Elizabeth Gibb

The peace in the middle of go-go-go and the kind voice of you-can-do-it reason, Elizabeth provides incredible structure in the back end of our organization, and offers us a yellow-brick-road to walk down to create success with so much of what we do...

My career has been diverse and has lead me to a place where I can follow my passions for education and sustainability in the food world. I have cooked, planned, executed, grown, produced, bought, and sold food on many different levels in our food culture.

I believe that the small ripples from nonprofits like Brilliant Planet will create the solutions to many of the overreaching problems we are facing.

Intern, Nutritionist

Hawa Maiwand

My name is Hawa Maiwand and I am currently working to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition/Dietetics at Arizona State University. I am heavily involved around campus and am actively seeking to spread my knowledge and passion for nutrition and preventative health. I aspire to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and specialize with veterans in a clinical setting. I love what I do and strive every day to make an influential contribution to modern society and promote a healthier generation.

My name is Hawa Maiwand and I am currently working to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition/Dietetics at Arizona State University. I am heavily involved around campus and am actively seeking to spread my knowledge and passion for nutrition and preventative health. I aspire to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and specialize with veterans in a clinical setting. I love what I do and strive every day to make an influential contribution to modern society and promote a healthier generation.

Check her out on Instagram at: @maiwand_nutrition

Additionally, you can check out a podcast she did about food insecurity and health-related disparities: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fork-it-up/id1550682694?i=1000512896243

Resident Alchemical Botanist

Dr. Aude Monson

Aude is where real-life magic marries an unwavering passion for the power of plants. Every moment we have the pleasure of basking in the sunshine and creating brilliance with her, she brings all of her energy and presence to what we're creating and it's nothing short of healing botanical bliss...

Born in Provence, I was raised roaming the French Alps among lavender fields and Alpine meadows.

Grassroots healing knowledge was passed on to me by my grandmothers and it was reinforced through extensive botanical training during the pursuit of my PhD where plants became powerful allies on my journey over time.

I have been residing in the desert of Arizona since 2015, where I am gathering and reuniting the ancient wisdom of both the European and American continents.

Through my relationship with the plants, I’m now aware that there is a higher level to aspire to, and that we have the power to express beauty and magic, here and now.

I’m the living proof that Nature is alive and supportive, and alchemy happens!

I believe and practice through the lens of "we are the creators of our own health and
disease or trauma are meant to help us grow in our spiritual journey."

We can transcend times of darkness into times of celebration.

My goal today is to share the joy of alchemizing pain into power through the opportunities to heal that the plants provide.