Fun Facts about Celery:

  • Celery was first mentioned in English in 1664 by the diarist John Evelyn, who spelled it “sellery.”
  • Celery can reach a height of 3.3 feet.
  • Celery was initially used as medicine in the treatment of toothache, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, arthritis, rheumatism, and more.

Health Benefits of Celery:

  • Celery is loaded with various antioxidants that help prevent the oxidative stress that contributes to cancer.
  • Celery is rich in a phytochemical known as phthalides. This compound is thought to relax artery wall tissues to promote healthy blood flow which may lead to lower blood pressure.
  • Celery is a hydration booster as it has a high water content of almost 95%.
  • It is well known for its digestive benefits as it helps keep your bowel movements regular, thereby reducing constipation.

Cooking with Celery:

  • It’s a convenient on-the-go snack as well as a vegetable that can be incorporated into cooked dishes, stir-fries, and salads.
  • Unlike some vegetables, celery retains most of its nutrients even if it is steamed.
  • Celery should be eaten within seven days of buying it because most antioxidants dissipate after seven days.

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